Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy New Year! - almost

No time like the present to start my New Years' Resolution - a few days early, I know.....

I am going to attempt to make one new recipe per week and then blog about it. 

What better way to start then with the 'eat your greens detox soup' found on page 139 in  "The Oh She Glows Cookbook" by Angela Liddon.  (Liddon, Angela. The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Vegan Recipes to Glow from the inside out. Toronto, ON.: Penguin, 2014. Print.) 

I thought this was very timely as I definitely have a bit of detoxing to do after the holidays.  As an added bonus, we LOVE soup for dinner and it has been a bit of a cooler day.  The comfort of a healthy soup seemed perfect!

The recipe was very easy to follow.  I would recommend getting all of your ingredients ready ahead of time.  I used fresh turmeric instead of ground.  I also used chipotle flavoured seaweed to add some extra flavour and heat to the soup.  I have a bad habit of not following recipes exactly as written when I first make them - a pet peeve of my husband's -  maybe that should be part of this resolution as well......

My husband, whose tastebuds have almost passed mine, stated that the soup smelled good and that it looked like something that would rip apart his innards - yup!  After finishing two bowls (and almost licking out the second bowl), he decided that this recipe was a keeper as it has good flavour.  The cumin can be overpowering at first, but your tastebuds adjust.   He loved the options of where to go with this recipe...add bean sprouts or water chestnuts, add wonton noodles, add shrimp or chicken, etc.   Keeping the base of recipe as is and just adding in some other items would be our recommendation or just make it as written - almost!

I was pleasantly surprised with the soup.  While I was making it, it didn't seem like the flavours were going to blend well.  I thought it was going to taste TOO healthy after my feast of pizza the night previous (and I LOVE healthy food!).    Au contraire.....yum, yum yum!  I loved the balance of flavours with the sweetness of the onion coming out as a contrast to the spicier ginger.   The mixture of textures from the smooth mushrooms to the rough kale was also very satisfying.  (as an aside, it pairs very well with a glass of water for a true detox......)

This one will be one that is made again in our household whether as a detox soup as it was intended or with our additions, as mentioned above.

Photo of my finished soup


  1. This looks awesome I'm going to try making this thanks sista in law