Sunday, 2 April 2017

Lemony Basil Chicken Crepes with Curry Sauce

A keeper...a keeper...a keeper!   Alive magazine has come through again!   From start to finish, this recipe impressed me.   I loved how you can make the components ahead of time.  I made the crepes, broccoli and chicken well in advance as well as prepping the garnish and a few items for the sauce.  All I had to do at dinner time was make the sauce and heat up the filling and crepes!  I see many possibilities with this grade 9 Foods classes could make this....I will make it for dinner again...I could make it for company....and I could even make this either camping or glamping! 

As far as flavours and textures, this recipe has many dimensions.  The flavours work.  I was worried when making the crepes as I was sampling a few pieces.  I thought the lemon was going to be overwhelming....not so at all...remember...sweet, spicy, sour, salty....they balance each other out.  The textures reminded me of my first Ethiopian restaurant experience in Edmonton, AB. They use a crepe like bread called injera topped with various spicy uses the bread to scoop up the filling.  I am thankful for this memory two weeks before I head back to that city where I will scout out that same restaurant.  In the future, I can see making the crepe and the sauce with many filling ideas like:  cottage cheese, paneer, cauliflower, spinach, chick peas, spinach, lentils....anything that goes well with curry...yum!  I do hope you make this recipe.....your taste buds will thank you!

Buffet Style Dinner

The Finished Product!

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