Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Crusted Halibut

Spring and summer bring with them some great foods with one of my faves being fresh halibut!  We wanted to try something different.  My husband insisted that it had to have a crust, so I began yet another search for the perfect recipe.   Of course,  I liked aspects of two recipes, so I decided to combine them.  Here is where I started:
What I actually did was by sight and without measuring, so I do apologize.  I combined panko crumbs with minced dill, minced Italian parsley, lemon zest,  very thinly sliced green onions (as I did not have chives), salt, pepper and toasted slivered almonds that we ground up finer than what I wanted but worked anyhow. 
The dipping order MATTERS!   Whenever I coat any type of protein, I dip it in all purpose flour then the beaten egg, then the coating mixture, so this is what I did.  We then pan fried the morsels in unsalted BUTTER and not oil.  The butter worked REALLY well with the halibut- yum!
This has to be my new coating mixture.  The flavours and textures are amazing.   The lemon stands out perfectly and is essential to the mixture.   Panko crumbs are way better than regular bread crumbs, in my opinion, so we so use those quite often to get a crunchier texture.  We would use this coating on many varieties of white fish, prawns, and chicken.  I am most looking forward to trying it out on some fresh pickerel!!!   We were amazed at how moist the halibut was compared to our usual method of cooking it on the BBQ wrapped in foil.
After a bit of a disaster in the kitchen last week, I was happy to see that I am back on my A game.   This recipe was definitely AWESOME! 
Coating Mixture

Halibut coated and ready to be pan fried

Dinner  - YUM!


  1. Made a version of this last night - was delicious and making it again tonight for company. Thanks!

  2. This is a keeper! I am sure your company loved it! Thanks for letting me know you made it......totally curious about your version......