Monday, 22 June 2015

Strawberry and Brie Bites

I have very fond memories of attending a strawberry festival in Saskatchewan for the summer solstice, about 16-17 years ago.   It is with great timing that I thought I should try out this recipe for fresh strawberries.

The recipe seemed easy enough, so I thought I should try making my own balsamic reduction.   Last week, I used a store bought balsamic reduction, so I thought I should scaffold my learning by making my own this time.  I ended up getting distracted, so the vinegar actually burnt (see photo below).  The smell was so bad that I am not sure I will try to make my own reduction for awhile.  There you have first epic fail for this blog.

As far as the bites was an interesting journey.  I don't see how these would work.  I saw a few issues....the brie cheese stuck to the serving plate, the bites were not bite size leaving them very difficult and messy to eat, and I couldn't find a toothpick or skewer that were the right size and strength to hold it all together.

I won't be making these for an appy in the future.  I will simply serve my traditional fruit and cheese dessert....separately...fruit and cheese on a platter.  Still tasty...not as fussy and not as messy.

Balsamic Reduction:  Epic Fail

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