Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Chipotle Chicken and Vegetable Soup

The September/October 2015 Eating Well magazine issue has a fabulous two page spread on Changeable Chicken Soup.  If you can get your hands on a copy of this issue, it is worth looking at pages 90 and 91 among others!  They offer MANY suggestions for a 5 step process of making chicken soup:  seasonings, broth, vegetables, fiber, flavour boost.   One could easily make hundreds of soup combinations from their ideas.

They provided 5 recipes with one of them being the Chipotle Chicken and Vegetable Soup.  This recipe is a keeper.  Of course, I added more chipotle peppers as we like spicy soup.  I cubed the chicken instead of shredding it, and I used leftover rice pilaf from the previous nights dinner to boost the fibre instead of just plain brown rice (ironically, I had exactly 3 cups leftover!!).  Other than that, I left it as is....oh...and I did use homemade broth.  It made a lot, so I froze half in hope that it does freeze well.   The addition of the lime at the end is FABULOUS and necessary with the heat...oops!

Next plan:  I want to try and make Moroccan Chicken and Sweet Potato Soup,  Pesto Chicken and Cannellini Bean Soup or even get creative and make up my own!!

Check out the eatingwell.com website for MANY soup ideas or other great recipes!   I am so glad that this magazine gets hand delivered to me at my work and that I can access their website...two EXCELLENT resources!


Soup's on!

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