Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Asiago Tuna Melts on Tomato Spinach Beds

I love tuna melts, so I was very pleased to find this recipe in the Alive magazine.  I did not make the spinach beds, though.  This recipe is VERY easy to make and is great to have in the fridge as leftovers for another snack or meal.  I did find that the lemon juice was a bit overpowering though.  I will make these again and was left with two questions:

1) Would my students eat these as they are a perfect level of difficulty for the grade 8s?  (tomatoes and tuna might be a tough sell)

2) What other nutritious and economical fillings could I stuff the tomatoes with besides the usual breadcrumb/cheese mixtures?

Give these a go...they are great with a side salad or on their own!


Ready for the Fridge

The Finished Product

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