Friday, 10 February 2017

Smoky Vegetable and Wheat Berry Stew

This recipe is a hit!  As per my usual first time making a recipe, I made a few adjustments.  First, I used farro instead of wheat berries for the simple reason that the bulk store did not have any wheat berries and I had farro at home.  I left out the sage and parsley as I wanted to simply enjoy the smoked paprika flavour.  I was torn about the swiss chard.   My gut wanted to use kale, but I thought I should try the chard as it has been a long time since I have had swiss chard.   I loved the farro...loved the flavours and textures.  I do wonder if kale would be better as the chard seemed to get too soft and that texture stood out compared to the beans and farro.    Kale might also be less interfering as a flavour.   I can see myself making this again and look forward to freezing some to have for lunch in the next few weeks.  Maybe this might be my soup club choice next year.....

Smoky Vegetable and Farro Stew

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