Monday, 2 February 2015

Margarita Chicken Lollipops

Super Bowl Sunday!  Although I am very much a HUGE CFL fan, Super Bowl still offers a reason to get together to enjoy some yummy appetizers and excellent company.  The recipe I chose to bring to my Super Bowl gathering was Margarita Chicken Lollipops found on page 68 of a Company's Coming cookbook entitled, Small Plates for Sharing.   (Paré, Jean, and Laurie Stempfle. Small Plates for Sharing. Edmonton: Company's Coming Pub., 2008. Print.).  Super Bowl and chicken wings seem to go together, and I loved the idea of a more elegant chicken wing.

I was able to find the exact recipe online for those of you who like to bring your electronic devices into the kitchen.

I have NEVER tried the technique of French drumetting, but the photo in the cookbook made the drumettes look so cute and easy to serve as the result gives you a nice little handle to lift and hold while you are eating.   This proved to be true.  They are cute and are very easy to serve and eat.

 I was 100% surprised on how easy it was to prep this recipe.  To prepare 25 drumettes, make the marinade, and clean-up was all done in 30 minutes!  Sold - I will be doing this technique every time I make drumettes, which might be more often now that it is so fun.  Gotta love when food can be well presented with minimal time invested!!

As far as the actual flavours went, I was a bit disappointed.  The cumin was very overpowering and made them taste more like a curry wing.  I was hoping for a zesty, tangy, lime, tequila, salt combo, similar to what the title suggests - a margarita!  Don't get me wrong, this recipe is VERY good, but I had a different expectation for the flavour.

I also thought that the oven made the drummettes too soft.  I prefer them a little more crisp, so I will bbq them next time to crisp them up.  I will also try some type of marinade on them as my google search for 'margarita chicken lollipops' produced many variations on the theme.  I am determined to perfect this recipe or even create a new one!  Thank goodness I have some time, as Grey Cup is 10 months away.....

Margarita Chicken Lollipops

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