Tuesday, 31 March 2015

50 Flavoured Popcorns: Brown Butter - Lemon

The January/February 2014 issue of the "Food Network Magazine" inserted a mini pamphlet on 50 flavoured popcorns.  Their website has the same recipes as well at the following link.


One could almost blog for a year on this pamphlet and make one popcorn recipe per week!  So far, I have made #27 - Jamaican Jerk, #30 - Cajun, and #36 - Barbeque.  Out of these three, Jamaican Jerk is by far my favorite but a lot more work as I made my own jerk seasoning first.  Loved the curry...loved the lime zest!

For the purpose of this week's blog, I decided to try #1 as I had all the ingredients at home as well as the fact that I don't believe that I have ever browned butter before....odd!  Of course, true to the theory, the brown butter offered a nutty taste which tasted awesome with the lemon zest in butter.   From now on, I am adding either freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice or lemon or lime zest to my butter prior to adding it to the popcorn.   It is so flavourful and refreshing!  As for the butter, I could go either way, melted or browned, but it HAS to be butter not margarine!  

Next on the bucket list from the list of 50 are:  #3 - Garlic- Herb, #6 - Truffle, #14 - Sushi,  #22 - Sriracha-Lime and #37 - Margarita!  I also want to develop my own creation one day with something with curry powder and lime zest.   Which ones will you try?  Looking forward to hearing about it or better yet....getting a sample!  Happy Popping!

Brown Butter-Lemon Popcorn

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