Friday, 27 March 2015

Grilled Beef and Asparagus Rolls

Although I spent this week of my holidays doing a lot of cooking, I wasn't interested in trying any new recipes.  Instead, I decided to bring back into our kitchen an oldie but a goodie guaranteed to bring pleasure to any dining table.  Although it is not new to me, it just is so good it has to be shared.  This gem of a recipe was found in an issue of the BC Liquor Stores magazine that is available FREE at the checkout.  Not only does the magazine highlight their liquor products, but it also has EXCELLENT recipes often paired with various wines or cocktails.   This publication is released once per season, so four times a year.  I am anxiously awaiting the spring edition.

This recipe is really, really, really awesome!   I just have a cut out from the magazine of the ingredients in my recipe box.  It wasn't until I found this link for this post that I realized I am not making it true to the method.  First and foremost, I leave out the sugar as the sherry and teriyaki sauce are sweet enough.  Sometimes, I use red or madeira wine instead of sherry.  I don't fuss with pounding the meat or cutting it to size.  I use the rouladen pieces as they are sold.   Most importantly,  I add the teriyaki sauce to the marinade and allow the beef to marinade for at least 24 hours..sometimes two days..the longer the better, of course!  It is amazing that a cheaper, tougher cut of beef becomes as tender as a sirloin or even tenderloin with this marinade and length of time of marinating.  I don't blanch the asparagus out of pure laziness and the asparagus always turns out to be the perfect texture.  We always cook these on our gas bbq, whether at home or out camping.  Finally, I always double the recipe as these are an excellent snack or are also very fun to bring for lunch the next day.

If you or anyone you know eats beef, you have to try this recipe!  To my hunting friends, I would love to try this recipe with some of your game one day - yummy!  The timing for this is perfect as asparagus season will soon be here.  Happy Spring!

Grilled Beef and Asparagus Rolls

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