Thursday, 13 August 2015

Ahi Mango Poke Stack

This is yet another recipe from Danielle Walker's "Against All Grain".  I love the seared ahi tuna salad at Cactus Club, so I am always keeping an eye open to something that is close.  This one has very similar flavours, but obviously not textures as the tuna is not seared.
I have learned that I am definitely not a fan of ahi tuna sashimi anymore, although I still LOVE sockeye salmon sashimi.  The flavours were amazing as it combines green onion, coconut aminos (you could use soy sauce), sesame oil, garlic, ginger, poblano pepper, and salt.  The texture was too much for me, so my husband was VERY happy that he got to indulge in the treat.  He REALLY enjoyed this recipe!!  I didn't use the entire pound of tuna that the recipe called for ($$$$- especially if I wasn't enjoying it) as I didn't think that the ratio was correct for the amount of avocado, mango, and sauce I measured.  After measuring everything EXACTLY,  I pretty much made up my own recipe using the ingredients measured above along with the tuna, avocado, and mango, adding a little of everything until it looked and tasted up to my liking.  The sauce is similar to the one at the Cactus Club, which made me happy that I am getting closer to it.
What to do with the extra, oh, half pound or more of tuna?  I used the same ingredients to give it a marinade and then we seared it for dinner along with some corn on the cob and our favorite grilled Caesar Salad.  We spoiled ourselves big time!  We don't eat beef steak very often, so when we do, we like to get a nicer cut.  Not anymore!  We have decided that next time we are craving a "steak" that we will go to an ahi tuna steak and marinade it and sear it  just as we did - two minutes per side.  This was AMAZING in both texture and flavour!  The seared tuna balances out the texture for me...a bit of firmer tuna with a bit of rare tuna...I can handle that.  The next step might be to add some spiralized green papaya and toasted pine nuts to the avocado, mango, sauce, and seared tuna to try and create the Cactus Club masterpiece.
So sadly, I don't think I will make or try another ahi poke (Hawaiian salad - a google search resulted in a ton of variations of recipes for this) unless my texture issue changes one day.  We will, however, use the marinade again and sear the tuna when we feel like spoiling ourselves, perhaps in a few weeks for our 9th anniversary!

Ahi Mango Tuna Poke

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