Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Spice Mixes for Presents

My Christmas tradition has been to make my Caramel Popcorn, place it in cute decorative bags with curly ribbons, and give that to my family and  friends as a Christmas gift to accompany my husband's homemade beef jerky.  In an attempt to give a  healthier gift, I decided to not do the popcorn with my classes, nor not to give it as gifts.   This year, we decided to make up spice mixtures and give those as an alternative to purchasing these spice mixtures that are full of preservatives and unpronounceable ingredients.  Each duo had taco seasoning as I am pretty sure most people like tacos of some sort.  We added the Jamaican Jerk Seasoning to those who like spice, and added the seasoned salt for those who like things flavorful but mild.  I was SOOOO thrilled when I found these cute little jars, baskets, and labels at a local dollar store.  I bought a few locations out of all the green and red jars and rectangular red and silver baskets way back in November- sorry!  I hope that those that received them will use them.  Those of you who didn't...we just made them for family this year.  I do have two extra sets of the spicy ones, though, in case anyone wants them?  Of course, I bought extra jars to have at home in my spice cupboard and plan to have these three combos on stock at all times...just in case!
Give them a try for your next meal solution!    
Note:  You will sneeze a LOT if you make these up in big batches for gift giving!
Another Note:  I caved and still made my popcorn as I had some requests for it.
Seasoned Salt:  sooooo good on potatoes
Taco Seasoning:  PERFECT for seasoning ground meat for tacos instead of using the little pouches
Jamaican Jerk Seasoning:  We LOVE it as a rub for chicken breasts, thighs or drums;  but I am sure it is also great with pork! 

The three choices

Cute little lids!

Happy Holidays!

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