Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Strawberry Blonde Potatoes

President's Choice has come out with a new variety of potato - Strawberry Blonde.   I thought that I would give them a go to see what they tasted like.  They were great - just on their own.  I boiled them in the skin as recommended, and we ate them just like that with no butter or toppings.  They are sweet enough that they stand alone.  We actually cannot remember the  time that we last ate simple boiled potatoes.  We really enjoyed the softer texture, which made us wonder if our age is setting in and that we now need/enjoy softer food.  All in all, I would buy them again.  I also noticed that they have another variety called "Petite Merlot".  Has anyone tried those?   Trying them might have to go onto the list of things to try next year! 



  1. Superstore was all out of them this morning and I put them on my list after reading your blog post. So disappointed! Will have to see if they can fit into next week's meal plan.

  2. Did they have petite merlot? Was there a spot for them? I think they ordered too many last time as they ended up putting a bunch on sale for cheap. Maybe they order less now.....

    1. If they have some Tuesday or Wednesday morning, I can get you a bag.