Monday, 25 May 2015

Roasted Vegetable Quesadilla with Black Bean and Corn Salsa

This week's recipe was one that was shared within my network of Foods and Nutrition teachers.  I decided to try it out with my grade 9s this year for the first time.  It was a HIT and will be one that will remain in my program.  (the room was silent in both classes while they were eating....this is how I gage the success of my recipe choices...noise level during eating   I  have copied in sections of the students' recipe - NOTE that the recipe makes 2 quesadillas, so adjust the measurements for how many you want to make.  The salsa makes a warned!  If you have any leftover, it makes a nice salad or is great to have with tortilla chips or to even serve in "scoops" as an appy.
This recipe is worth the prep work!  Just look at the colour combination of the vegetables - they look beautiful even when raw.  I think the veggies are also great on their own as a side dish.  I also recommend making more portions of this recipe for home use.  The veggies could be frozen after roasting.  What an easy dinner...just defrost the veggies, grate cheese, form and cook the quesadillas - easy, peasy!  I love that there is representation from four out of the five colour groups for fruits and vegetables!  I love the variety of textures and flavours.  Love, Love, LOVE!  I hope you love it, too!
Vegetables Ready for Roasting 
(from my demo for grade 9s - teacher made)

Corn and Black Bean Salsa
15 mL olive oil
10 mL red wine vinegar
2.5 mL cumin
1.25 mL chili powder
1.25 mL sugar
Dash of salt AND pepper
185 mL black beans
60 mL corn
½ garlic clove, minced
¼ lime, juiced
¼ orange or yellow pepper, diced
1/8 jalapeño(optional)
½ green onion, thinly sliced
15 mL cilantro, minced
Roasted Vegetables

30 mL oil
1/3 zucchini
1/6 red onion
½ red pepper
1/6 butternut squash
1.     Combine olive oil, red wine vinegar, and spices in a medium bowl.   Add in minced garlic and lime juice.  Mix in the beans and corn.  Add in the sliced green onion and minced cilantro.
2.     Dice pepper into size of the beans and add into the salsa.
3.     Scrape out the seeds of the jalapeno.  Dice and add to the salsa.  WASH HANDS!!!
4.     Mix entire mixture thoroughly.

1.     Preheat oven to 425 F.
2.     Peel butternut squash.  Slice into pieces ½ cm thick.
3.     Slice zucchini into pieces that are thicker than the squash.
4.     Cut the pepper and onion into the same size slices or dices.
5.     Place all vegetables into a bowl.  Toss with oil and salt and pepper, if desired.
6.     Place vegetables on a pan lined with parchment paper.  Spread out the veggies.
7.     Bake until all vegetables are soft.
8.     Remove from oven and let cool on a trivet.


2 tortillas
160 mL cheese, grated
Roasted Veggies
1.     Grate cheese.
2.     Place half of the veggies across HALF of one tortilla.  Sprinkle half of the cheese on top.  Fold the tortilla in half.
3.     Let cook on a heated frying pan (medium heat).  Once the cheese melts and tortilla browns, flip and cook on other side.  Repeat with other quesadilla.
4.     Cut each quesadilla into thirds or quarters on a cutting board.
5.     Serve with salsa.

Roasted Vegetable Quesadilla with Black Bean and Corn Salsa
(student made and student idea for presentation!)

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