Monday, 4 May 2015

Thai Cucumber Cups

Today marked a great occasion!   My copy of The Whole30 cookbook FINALLY came in.  I was so excited that I just had to make a recipe from it immediately!  I went with the Thai Cucumber Cups.  I have seen the hollowed out cucumber cup technique at many social gatherings...usually with seafood sauce and shrimp.  I have never seen them with ground meat, and I have never tried the cucumber cup technique.

I am not enclosing the recipe for this one, but it IS very good.  (the cookbook is brand new, so there are not any links on-line).  I have just flipped through the book today, but it is definitely highly recommended to non-vegetarians at first glance.  I am certain more recipes will appear in future blogs.

As far as an actual recipe.... I guess you should buy the book!!!  or.... I think that one could find their own way by simply googling "Thai Cucumber Cups" or even using the recipe from one of my previous blogs.  I would use the meat mixture from the Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps and put that inside the cucumber cups.  The Whole30 recipe is great as there is not any type of sweetener in it.  From a quick internet search, it seems that a lot of the recipes on-line had some sort of sweetener.  After eating these, the sugar definitely was not missed.

I would serve these to company that was very comfortable to me as they can be quite messy.  I am not sure I would bring these to a gathering of strangers for the mess factor.  All in all, both my husband and I enjoyed these for dinner and can see them being made again in our home.

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