Monday, 20 July 2015

Spiced Peach and Avocado on Sweet Potato Crostini

Looking for a new, seasonal,  appetizer or side dish?  This one is perfect, especially for your gluten free or vegetarian guests.  It is simple to convert  this to  vegan or dairy free by leaving out the feta cheese as well.  "Alive" magazine has impressed me yet again with this delicious recipe.

This recipe is fairly easy to prepare.  I like that one can roast the sweet potatoes and prepare the topping at the same time.  This is a great dish to make ahead as you can bring the components and assemble them just prior to serving.  If you have leftover problem!  Just serve it as a salsa or salad the next day.  Some found the skin a bit tricky to eat, so these could be messy as finger food.  I do recommend FREESTONE peaches to make the prep work a bit easier!  In the future, I would consider also adding in some fresh herbs.

All in all, this recipe is very tasty as it has representation from the four important flavours:  sweet, salty, spicy, and sour.   Using all four flavours enhances the pleasure of eating as it utilizes all of your taste buds and creates that wonderful mouth feel!

Sweet:  peaches and sweet potato
Salty:  feta cheese and sea salt
Spicy:  crushed chilies, chili powder, and cumin
Sour:  lime juice (also doubles as preventing browning in the peaches and avocado!!)

Peach season has arrived!!!   I hope this lovely dish appears on your summer table.  Enjoy!

A testimonial from the hostess of our ladies night:

"I had recently hosted a ladies night and had asked everyone to bring an appy to share.  I was excited to see what 'foodiemartin' was going to bring and her dish did not disappoint!  It seemed relatively easy to prepare as it only took her about 10 minutes to assemble them.  The sweet potatoes were cut into circular mini plates and on top was a salsa filled with chopped peaches, avocado, feta and 'cumin'.  I took one bite and was instantly surprised by all the tastes that were going through my mouth.  Perfect combination of sweet and salty.  They were the big hit of the evening!"

Spiced Peach and Avocado on Sweet Potato Crostini 

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