Saturday, 4 July 2015

Summertime Cherry Basil Bruschetta

As the week ends, so does my cherry picking for this summer.  After a busy few days of picking, pitting, freezing, and giving away cherries from our two trees, it looks like there is enough left for about two big bowls.  This recipe, from "Oh She Glows", caught my eye as a way to celebrate both the cherry and strawberry season.   The following link does not have the exact measurements, but it gives a good idea of what the recipe involves.

This recipe involves a LOT of chopping and prep work, so I will thankfully only be making this recipe once per year when I have fresh cherries from my trees.  Picking, pitting, and chopping the cherries is only one small part of the time involved just to give you an idea.  This recipe is very tasty and refreshing.  I cheated and used my store bought balsamic reduction.  I would like to try this with my very favorite Fig and Fire Balsamic year.  I did like it better with the balsamic reduction, but it is still very delicious without.  Even though school is done for the summer, I did find myself wondering if my grade 9 students could make this next June with just strawberries as the cherries will not yet be ready here in BC.  They make a tomato based recipe in grade 8 with a sliced baguette that they LOVE, so it would be neat for the 9s to do the crostini with a bit of a twist having strawberries instead of tomatoes....hmm...the fresh herbs would be different as well.  I have a while to decide. 

As far as the flavours go - yum!  I have had mint with fruit before, but this was a first for me having basil with strawberries and cherries.  It works, and it works VERY well!   It was very rewarding to know that both the basil and the cherries came from my yard - fun!   I  look forward to next July when I make this recipe again and make it part of my cherry traditions and celebrations, along with my homemade cherry pies!    PS....Make sure you read the entire recipe....including the tip at the end to wear gloves while making this...your hands might get a bit stained from the cherries.....just sayin'

Summertime Cherry Basil Bruschetta

Balsamic Reduction or Not?

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