Monday, 26 October 2015

Curly Oven Fries with Seasoned Salt

Curly oven!  I have a spiralizer - even better!  This recipe turned out differently than I expected.  I tried a few different things, but they always ended up more like hashbrowns.  I wonder what would happen if I never blanched the potatoes and just baked them?  I found that 475 F ended up with a better result than the recommended 425 F.  I am not giving up as this recipe is a KEEPER!  I have tried using the seasoned salt recipe on the oven fries I make in my grade 8 program, and it is a success!  So...where to next with this recipe? husband loved them, so I can see this being a regular side dish at home for both breakfast and dinner.  I do think I will try this at school but not as fries.  I am thinking in grade 8 as hashbrowns in a group of four as then they can all make a part of a traditional North American bacon, eggs, hashbrowns breakfast - maybe toast or sliced fruit as the fourth job (plus one pan in the oven with this recipe turns out way better than two and yes - I have spiralizers in my Foods classroom as well).  I am reflecting if it should be grade 9, but we do a similar recipe with the Sweet Potato Eggs Benny - see blog from earlier this year.  Wherever I place this recipe, I know the kids will love it!  I hope you do, too!

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