Monday, 23 November 2015

Pulled Barbeque Chicken and Coleslaw

Pulled chicken...interesting!  I have made pulled pork many times but never pulled chicken (unless you count the slow cooker chicken tacos from a few months ago!)  This recipe is from the same cookbook, so it caught my eye. 

The recipe turns out well, and it makes a lot!  We turned the chicken and coleslaw into a taco rather than having a sandwich (it is the one on the left...the one on the right is an oyster mushroom taco - hubby's new recipe).   There are a lot of ingredients to measure, so it could get pricy if you don't have a well stocked kitchen.   You use a slow cooker for this one, but it cooks for three hours on high, then you shred the chicken and return it for an additional hour.   For this reason, you can't make this one on a work day.  I do wonder if you could just use low and have that cook until you get home, then shred, then an hour isn't so bad to wait.  I do love how TENDER and moist the chicken breasts turn out, and I love the combo of the thighs and breasts for the meat.  As far as the bbq sauce, the measuring of all the ingredients is worth it as it is a VERY good recipe that I could see myself also using for pork.  The house smelled DIVINE for the three hours I had to wait to shred the chicken.

Now...what to do with the leftovers?  I think I will make a bbq chicken pizza tonight and then freeze the leftovers.  Will I make this again?  Maybe.  I might give it a go next time I make pulled pork.   I liked the slow cooker chicken taco recipe a bit better as it was less sweet and the slow cooker was easier to clean afterwards.  All in was a nice dinner and I loved that I had leftovers for lunch the next day....and a few dinners, too!


Pulled BBQ Chicken

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